Ego and Your Higher Self

“The true value of a human being can be found in the
degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.”
- Albert Einstein

The mind – body – spirit analogy is probably the most widely accepted model for representing our understanding of humankind and what constitutes our being. These three distinct parts of the Self seems to encapsulate our entire experience of ourselves and our lives. For decades now most of the analysis about human consciousness revolved around some version of the body – mind  – spirit model. But there is another way of analysing the self (one of many) that is equally valid and in many ways more useful as a way of understanding more about our spirituality and how we can live a more conscious life.

Looking things in a new way can be mind opening. We tend to get so stuck in accepted ways of looking at things that we rarely stretch ourselves to new level of understanding that often comes from looking at something from a new perspective. With this in mind, let’s take a look at spirituality from a different angle – from an angle that will help you in your everyday life and in consciously growing in both your understanding and in your evolution of your spirit.

Each and every one of us have two distinct aspects about ourselves. These two aspects are our constant companions on life’s journey and no matter how hard we try, we cannot escape them. Together they make up your consciousness and your very experience of your Self and your life. The first aspect represents our appearance and the face we wear in this world. It’s called the ego and it that part of you that represents you to others and to the world at large. The ego is like a mask you wear, a mask that is necessary for your spirit to be able to ‘live’ in this life. The second aspect of You, is your spirit or your higher self. It is that part of you that’s invisible and that quietly lives in that inner space deep inside your consciousness.

Try and think of these two aspects of your Self not as two people living inside you, but rather as two sides of the same you. Like two faces of the same coin they are inextricably connected to each other. Both are part of the life force, the one primarily concerned with where you are while the other is primarily concerned with where you came from and where you are ultimately going back to.

Although ego and spirit are so closely related, they have vastly different demands on both your conscious and your unconscious attention. Your ego is primarily concerned with maintaining it’s importance in the world. It always wants to be right and is convinced of the fact that it is separate from everyone else. It’s always in competition – always wanting to be better than everyone else. Ego always strives to have more, to be better and to dominate. The ego’s value is determined by comparing itself to others to see how it stacks up – the ego’s point of reference is always outside of itself.

The world is filled with ego driven people. One of the key characteristics of more spiritual people is their ability to focus more on their spiritual aspect. In many ways the needs of spirit is almost the exact opposite and is not interested in any of the demands that dominate the ego. Spirit’s primary need is to be at peace and being right and conquering others is of no concern to spirit. Spirit has no need for more because it knows that it’s value comes from itself and not from what it gains, what it wins or what it collects and accumulates.

Much of our own inner conflicts arise from a conflict between these two aspects of ourselves. It presents us with two vastly different and conflicting sets of demands. Living a more spiritual life with a greater sense of inner peace and personal fulfilment is primarily about placing greater emphasis on the higher self and on giving the spirit a greater prominence in your life. It’s not a process of slaying the ‘evil’ ego, but rather about learning to subdue the ego and it’s demands in favour of the higher self’s demand to be at peace.

The real question is who you are allowing to run things in your life. Is it ego or is it spirit? If your life is driven by having more, being better than, being right and dominating; then ego is in charge. If your life is driven by having a sense of inner peace, by being compassionate, reaching out to others and giving – then you allow spirit to take over. Living from your higher self is about living in harmony with the flow of goodness of the universe and you will rarely encounter any conflicts. Ego on the other hand thrives on conflict – it’s a chance to proof it’s importance and dominance over other people and circumstances.

Renowned scientist Albert Einstein’s quote above reflects beautifully what we are talking abut here. What he meant with his statement is that we will discover a higher value in being human when we learn to free ourselves from the demands and expectation of the ego. The ‘self’ that he is referring to is the ego. The question is who is running your life? Is it ego or is it spirit? Learning to break through the facade that your ego upholds you can live a more peaceful, joyous and fulfilled life.

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  • illumen posted: 15 Feb at 11:24 pm

    Thanks! – great insight. – Laura

  • illumen posted: 15 Feb at 11:55 pm

    Interesting way of looking at it…I never really thought of it this way as I never realy considered anything outside the body – mind – spirit model. Love the site. Keep it up. Regards. John

  • illumen posted: 16 Feb at 5:00 am

    think my ego’s been too big for too long! hard to admit but I need to live more from spirit. -Jean

  • James Mylenek Sr posted: 19 Mar at 9:02 pm

    This article, as with many others that you have written, points to what I know is true for me. I am grateful for your wonderful use of words while addressing what is really important in life.

    I thank you,

  • Jose posted: 23 May at 9:22 am

    All I can say is that the artcles that I’ve been reading from Illumen8, not only touch me quite deeply but they are changing de direction of my way of seeing and understand life and spiritualism.
    Tank you a lot for helping me to open my eyes.