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5 Tips For Selecting Chocolates as a Pregnancy Gift

If you are looking for a present to help make a pregnant woman’s day brighter, you may opt for chocolates. However, before you order your chocolates, consider these five tips for picking out the most pregnancy-appropriate chocolate treats for your pregnant friend.  Include a Mix of Dark & Milk Chocolates Many people assume that dark chocolate is always a healthier choice than milk chocolate and so you may be tempted to order a set of dark chocolates for your pregnant friend. However, dark chocolate contains more fat, calories, and caffeine than milk chocolate. Milk chocolate, on the other hand, tends to contain more sugar than dark chocolate. Since many pregnant women monitor each of these components of their diet and may want to limit one component over another due to their individual situation, it is important to give them a wide selection to choose from.  For example, if your pregnant friend does not drink caffeine on a particular day, she may opt for dark chocolate. However, if she treats herself to a latte, she may choose a milk chocolate treat to accompany it.  Consider Inserting Information About Chocolate Consumption During Pregnancy Friends, family members, health professionals, and magazines constantly tell women how they should limit their diet during pregnancy. For this reason, your pregnant friend may see all sweets, especially chocolate, as off-limits while she is pregnant. To help ease her mind, you might want to print out information about the benefits of chocolate during pregnancy and include them with your gift. This way your friend can consume her chocolates without guilt and she may feel happy about being told there is something she can indulge in during pregnancy.  However, this is a highly individual aspect to a gift. If your friend has expressed frustration with overwhelming amounts of dietary advice, you may want to skip the additional information and let her find it on her own.  Select Covered Fruits or Nuts As opposed to fillings that are high in sugar such as caramel or nougat, consider opting for chocolates that are filled with fruits or nuts. These can give your friend a vitamin kick while supplying them with extra protein and fiber. This can make the chocolates a more satisfying and healthy snack.  While most nuts are recommended during pregnancy, you may want to avoid peanuts. Research is divided over whether the consumption of peanuts during pregnancy contributes to […]

Plant-Based Dessert: Indulge The Healthy Way

If you’re looking for ways to enjoy healthy snacks on a plant-based diet, you will be happy to know there are many ways you can make and enjoy tasty desserts without deviating from your goal of eating healthfully. Here are ideas for some delicious plant-based foods you can make at home. Raw Nut Brownies You can makes brownie-type snacks using just four ingredients. First, soak a cup of walnuts and a cup of almonds in water overnight to help soften them. Then, drain the water and pulse the nuts in a food processor with about 1/3 a cup of cocoa powder. You can adjust the level of cocoa to suit how chocolatey you like these to be. Then, run the processor on low speed, adding one Medjool date at a time until the mixture starts to to form a play-dough like consistency, pulling away from the sides of the processor. Press the mixture into a wax-paper lined pan and chill for an hour or longer before cutting into squares. These will taste remarkably like brownies when served. Chia Seed Pudding If you are looking for a way to enjoy a creamy dessert, chia seeds are the magic ingredient. You can buy chia seeds at most health food stores or online. To make pudding with chia seeds, simply combine 1/3 cup of chia seeds with about a cup and a half of the milk of your choice– almond milk or coconut milk are both popular options. You can add cocoa powder, vanilla extract, or other flavorings to customize the pudding type. Leave the chia and milk mixture in the fridge overnight. Stir in honey or maple syrup until the mixture is sweetened to your taste. Finally, you can add some dimensional flavor by sprinkling a little salt over the top before indulging. If you prefer a smooth pudding, simply blend the milk and chia seeds in a high-powered blender before refrigerating. Whipped Cream One of the things you might miss when you start eating a plant based diet is the richness that ice-cream or whipped cream can bring to a dessert. You can recreate the texture and luxurious flavor of whipped cream in two ways: Cashew cream. Soak raw, unsalted cashews in water overnight. Then, drain the water. Place the cashews in a high-powered blender. Add back some of the soaking water by tablespoon as the cashews are “whipped”. The right […]